Tories for terraces: repeal the ban on safe standing

The hated and illiberal ban on terracing in top-flight English football stadia looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Last month, sports minister Tracey Crouch rubbished the idea of installing areas of ‘safe standing’ – modern, risk-free terracing – in England’s elite grounds, despite a growing number of fans, politicians and safety experts calling […]

The BBC does not discriminate against women

The BBC has been met with allegations of sexism from the left-wing commentariat and it’s own female employees after the Corporation admitted that two thirds of its top earners are men. According to the Telegraph, ‘one well-known female presenter claimed that the corporation is stuffed with “male ‘intellectual titans’ with egos the size of planets” […]

Ronald Coyne and Tory fanaticism

Earlier this week, a Tory extremist burnt a £20 note in front of a homeless person. Ronald Coyne, a communications officer of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, was filmed committing the atrocity after a night on the town with friends. He was expelled by the CUCA after the disturbing footage was circulated by the left-wing […]

Porn viewers beware: Big Brother will be watching!

The Digital Economy Bill is expected to soon gain Royal Assent. Included is a plan for an age-verification regulating body to ensure all online viewers of pornography are over the age of 18. The regulator will force viewers to enter their personal details into a government database before admittance to an erotic website is obtained. Any […]

Tory interventionism must end

Since the Second World War, the United States of America has pursued an aggressive, interventionist foreign policy. Born out of a combination of weapons-grade paranoia and humanitarian desire, our closest allies have taken the front foot against alien regimes and ideologies deemed incompatible with their own. During the Cold War, communism was smashed across the […]

First they came for National Action…

Until recently, you would have been forgiven for having never heard of National Action; the bitesize, two-bob troupe of neo-Nazi trolls that make repeated attempts to promote the Third Reich in demonstrations up and down the country. Usually, they are confronted by a gaggle of far-left university types – festooned with surly looks and colourful […]